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Fundamentals of Body Centered Medicine® Module 1 Workshop

Are you ready to: resolve chronic pain deal with emotional issues unresolved trauma physical limitations use Body Centered processes with clients Are you ready to live an authentic, purpose-driven life?
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Fundamentals of Body Centered Medicine® Module 1 Workshop

Time & Location

Jun 11, 1:00 PM – Jun 12, 4:00 PM

About the Event

Are you ready to:

  • resolve chronic pain
  • deal with emotional issues
  • unresolved trauma
  • physical limitations
  • use Body Centered processes with clients

Are you ready to live an authentic, purpose-driven life?

The answers to "your pain" lives within your body.

To find these answers I invite you to join the first series in Body Centered Medicine® Training Module 1 Fundamentals of Body Centered Medicine® Somatic and Embodiment Healing Techniques

This virtual workshop combines body-mind practices with in-depth psychology and neuro-physical techniques to help you start using bodily wisdom to release old patterns of behavior and live with authenticity.

Dates: Friday, June 11 & Saturday, June 12, 2021

Times: 1:00pm - 4:00pm PST

Location: Virtual using Zooms

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Who Can Benefit from This Workshop?

Whether you're a healthcare provider, healer, coach, transformational leader or you're on your own personal journey, it is crucial to understand body-based therapies.

What is Body Centered Medicine ®?

 Body Centered Medicine® (BCM) is a somatic embodiment system that uses bodily wisdom to “change in your operating system” and finally answer the questions you've been wrestling with for years.

Healing begins with your body dialogue. Body Centered Medicine® is a DEEP DIVE into the information your body holds at a cellular level. It teaches you how to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual scars you've been nursing for many years by accessing and listening to your body's innate wisdom.

Workshop Overview

Join us for a transformational journey using the techniques and practices of Body Centered Medicine® (BCM) somatically based processes. Through utilizing breathwork, movement, meditation, dialogue, writing exercises, plus individual and group practices, you will begin to resolve the pain, anxiety and fear-based thinking that has held you back for years.

Come awaken your highest, most authentic self! Through Body Centered Medicine® processes you will:

  • gain understanding of how to transform “pain” at a cellular level
  • understand how issues in life turn up in the body and how to unwind, release and learn to facilitate healing and a shift in consciousness
  • understand where you are getting stuck in your life, and how pain and anxiety are reflected in your body
  • leave with and experience of your empowered, centered and authentic self
  • experience how there is “magic" within the body centered processes and surprising information and guidance is revealed

You can use this process in your own individual healing journey, or in the therapeutic environment. The tools you will learn through BCM are relevant in all areas of life.

This Virtual Workshop Encompasses:

  • Fluidity and Feeling – The Foundation of Listening to the Body: Learn the theory and basics behind Body Centered Medicine® and why it is important to listen when your body talks.
  • Experience the power of breath, the revelation of sensation tracking, and movement techniques such as fluid flow to connect to release stress, pain and anxiety.
  • Expanding into Possibility and Choice: Learn about the impact of stored stress and how to unlock stuck areas to gain critical information that your inner selves need you to know. We will explore practices to find safe spaces within yourself and expand into new supportive pathways
  • Exploring the “Pain” Body - uncovering the truth within: Using sensation tracking, body dialogue, and anchoring into the deeper body connection you will unravel the root cause of suffering, chronic pain, anxiety, and other body and life issues. Building on the breath and movement work of first two weeks , you explore how to transform limiting beliefs so that they serve you rather than hinder you.
  • Grounding, Containment and Commitment: This week builds on the previous three by introducing more techniques to overcome emotional hurdles, unlearn old stress behaviors and experience the true power of somatic therapy techniques to find stillness, embrace self-forgiveness and integrate all that you have learned. You will leave clear about your next step