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Steps to Have the Wholistic Hive Team
Create Your Paid Event Online

Note: You will be processing payments on your own website or you will need to provide your information so that attendees can pay you. Wholistic Hive doesn’t process payments for events and we do not take a cut of event sales. All payments from attendees are made directly to you via your website or payment processor (for example Venmo or Paypal). 


  1. POLLINATOR: Create a Google Calendar event and make sure that it includes the following information:

    1. Date 

    2. Beginning and end time of your event

    3. Name of event

    4. Event details/description (body copy)

      1. NOTE: Please be sure to add the link where people can register for your event and/or information on how to pay you. Attendees will need to register for your event on your website or pay you directly. Please ensure that the WH member coupon code is enabled on your site. 

    5. Graphic/image for the event

    6. Price of the event for members and non-members

    7. Location of event

      1. If in Topia, please include the location South, North, East, West, or specific object so that attendees will be led to that particular location. 

  2. POLLINATOR: Once your event includes all of the above information, invite*

    1. *Ideally, please create and invite Wholistic Hive to your event at least 14 days before your event. This helps account for any back and forth communication/clarification and gives more lead time for people to see your event and schedule. 

    2. In order for your event to be populated on all WH platforms and shared in WH’s IG stories, you will need to send your event at least 8 days ahead of the event date. If you send the invitation less than 8 days before your event, we cannot guarantee that WH will populate your event on all WH platforms and promote via the WH IG stories.

  3. POLLINATOR - If hosting your event in our Hive Wonderland Topia: Once you’ve invited WH to your event, please also send an email to with the password that you’d like for Topia for your event. For example, “CATS1234”

  4. POLLINATOR - For extra exposure: Please include, in your email with your password, a 10-20 second video of yourself talking about your event and inviting people to join you. (Increased attendance to your event is more likely when our community can see your face and hear your voice behind your offering.) Here are some tips:

    1. Name & company

    2. What you’re event is about

    3. What is the benefit to them coming? / What will they leave with? (A feeling, a knowing, an opportunity, etc)

      1. Ex: See how Sögu did it here. This doesn’t need to bee complicated. Your phone is probably perfect for this. :)

  5. WH TEAM: The Wholistic Hive team will review the event, confirm that you’re a pollinator, and reach out if there are any missing details. Once the information is confirmed, your event will be created on the following locations online:

    1. WH Website -

      1. The registration button will link to your registration page

    2. Facebook - Wholistic Hive Page

      1. When we create the event on the page, FB automatically creates a post on the page

    3. Facebook - Wholistic Hive Public Group

      1. We will automatically invite all members of the group to your event when we create it in this location

      2. We will add you as co-host and encourage you to invite your following as well

    4. Meetup - Wholistic Hive’s account

      1. When we create an event on Meetup, we inform all WH Meetup members that there is a new event through the Wholistic Hive account.

    5. If applicable, your event will be listed in Topia as well

    6. Event will be shared on IG stories (provided that it is submitted 8 days or more ahead of the event date)

      1. We will tag you and encourage you to reshare for double exposure. Also, feel free to tag us in any of your IG promotions and we will also reshare. 

  6. PLEASE NOTE: WH will add the following text to the description of all events meant to be hosted in our Hive Wonderland Topia: “Being that our hive is an inclusive community, we want to make sure everyBODY feels seen and appreciated. That beeing said, please bee sure to add your pronouns upon arrival in your username. Ex: Brittney (she/her) , Sasha (they/them) , Buddy (e/em) , John (he/his).”

  7. WH TEAM: Once the events are created in the above locations (a-d), the Wholistic Hive team will send you a confirmation email. Please note that we do our best to respond within three business days.

  8. POLLINATOR - If hosting your event in Topia

    1. It is your responsibility to provide the password you requested to your attendees prior to your event (see step 3). This is easily done in your confirmation email.

    2. We highly recommend including the following in your confirmation email as well (this will help ensure a smooth event, happy customers, and return clients) :

      1. This is unlike any virtual experience you have had, and far outside that Zoom box you may be used to. In order to access this event with ease, please note that you will need to have an updated version of Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop. Please review the quick-start guide and/or video to see how the platform works, and if it is your first time please come early. The Topia Quick-start guide can be found Here. Video: IMPORTANT: A Wholistic Hive Beekeeper “Admin” will be at the event 10-15 min early to assist any first-time users of the Hive Wonderland Topia platform. If this is your first time please come early to ensure the best user experience for the event. See you there! 

    3. Please also add the following text to your confirmations with attendees if your event is meant to be hosted in our Hive Wonderland Topia, “Being that Wholistic Hive is an inclusive community, we want to make sure everyBODY feels seen and appreciated. That beeing said, please bee sure to add your pronouns upon arrival in your username. Ex: Brittney (she/her) , Sasha (they/them) , Buddy (e/em) , John (he/his)”

  9. POLLINATOR: Hive Wonderland Topia Events - Day of Your Event: If you are hosting your event in Topia, our team will designate a “Bee Keeper” (Admin) for your event to make you presenter and provide technical support. 

  10. POLLINATOR: When your event day comes, show up ready to provide your nectar and we will do the rest of the work. 


If you have any questions, please email We will do our best to get back to you within three business days. Thank you for allowing us to help you share your gifts with the world. 

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